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Growing Up With Education

Throughout my life, education has been the center of our conversations at home.

Both of my parents were public school teachers. As such, the value of receiving an education was something that I learned early in life.

Only after having all four children did my parents enroll in college and earn their teaching degrees. In fact, my father was the first in his family to go to college. To this day, I remember cheering, alongside my siblings, while we watched my parents graduate from college.

Long-time Education Advocate

I have lived in my neighborhood for the past 21 years. I have three kids: Hazel (18), Olive (16), and Gabriel (13). When Hazel was a baby, I started getting involved with Northwest Parents for Excellent Schools. We hosted community conversations at schools to determine how we could help improve education at our local schools. Together, we advocated for the 2003 Bond and Mill Levy that funded arts and music, as well as a targeted school revitalization program. All three kids “choiced” into Brown, which led me to serve for six years on the Collaborative School Committee (CSC), managing school budgets, reviewing school performance data and developing School Improvement Plans (SIPs). I served on the Citizen’s Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) for the 2016 Bond, listening to communities and identifying capital projects that would be included in the 2016 bond.  I currently serve on the Bond Oversight Committee, providing accountability for bond expenditures and selecting projects that will be funded from the $70M bond surplus (AKA, Bond Premium). From those community volunteer positions, I gained real experience working with various community groups, on critical tasks within DPS such as: 

  • Overseeing school budgets 

  • Working on a school improvement plan for five schools, as part of the 2003 Mill Levy 

  • Helping parents navigate the school choice and application process, as I also have done myself for my children 

  • Advocated for parents, helping them find the best school for their child’s needs 

  • Empowering families to use their voice through the choice system 

  • Managed accountability of spending, and project deliverability for the 2016 Bond 

  • Listened and engaged with community members’ requests for school expenditures 

  • Making recommendations to the Board from the requests of the community members, which was accepted 

  • Participated in several community listening sessions 

  • Developed an Equity Rubric on the 2016 Bond Measure 

  • Made recommendations for premium Bond/Mill spending 

  • Oversaw budgets for capacity, new school additions, quality learning environments, critical maintenance, and technology 

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